The  leading system for optimizing the organization’s Professional Services Operations (PSA) and Services Resource Planning (SRP).

The OpenAir solution is a fully SaaS technology based which allows Professional Services management in a secure manner from any web browser, operating system or any device that has WAP

OpenAir can be used as a stand-alone software or it can be integrated into existing ERP in the company. It helps to achieve the best in all aspects of project and resource management in your organization with:

Projects Management
NetSuite OpenAir enables project managers and team members to collaborate on projects and maintain the current and accurate status of the project  at all times, allowing managers to identify and mitigate potential risks.. The immediate result is a significant improvement of a project success in terms of schedules, customer satisfaction, full control of billing and milestone closure and monitoring and control of project resources.

Resource management
NetSuite OpenAir Resources management software ensures the right resources are working on the right projects, based on the project plan in real time and as the project progresses.

The application allows accurate resource utilization and resourcing the project tasks based on resources’ qualifications, skills, interests, experience and availability..

Timeline management
When it comes to managing timelines, Netsuite OpenAir enables monitoring and alerting of time tracking and projects’ percent of completion. Users are notified onassignments and can easily access their, whether they are in the office or onsite.

Expense Management
Expense Management is a critical component of profits for organizations that provide billable services.

In order to optimize the expense reporting process and to make sure it is done by users in an accurate and timely manner, the expense report process has to be as simple and friendly as possible for the users, and completely integrated with the project charter and the project billing.

Netsuite OpenAir automates the expense report and the billing hand-shake, including expense report submission, approval, project accounting and invoicing

Invoices and Billing
With NetSuite OpenAir’s accounting software you can easily and effectively manage and analyze projects P&L. Starting with the price quote including expense tracking and customer billing as well as internal charges. NetSuite OpenAir provides powerful tools for these processes across multiple offices and mobile workers.

Reporting and Dashboards
NetSuite OpenAir provides reporting and analysis tools that are integrates all modules to provide real-time data on-demand.

NetSuite OpenAir can integrate with other business applications used by the organization.

It is critical for new and existing applications to be working smoothly with one another, so they can fully contribute to profitability, project margins, resource utilization and the visibility that can be achieved by proper Service Resource Planning (SRP)

.OpenAir meets these need by providing built in integrations to a set of ERP, CRM, HR, SFA and other systems