Netcloud’s Israeli Localization Bundle BFN (Built for NetSuite)

The Israeli localization bundle certifies NetSuite as a book keeping system in Israel.

Ultimate solution for Israeli companies to aligned with Israeli Tax Authorities requirements & regulations in all areas and beyond.

Key Benefits:

  • VAT Reports tailored for the Israeli market including:
  •  Israeli VAT on Purchases, Israeli VAT on Sales, Israeli VAT File Generator (support Consolidated Dealer)
  • Withholding Tax Reports Israeli Withholding tax detailed report, Israeli Withholding tax summary report, Israeli withholding tax file report, Israeli withholding tax vendor letter (in Hebrew) + (support excluded WHT groups)
  • All Statutory Forms: Invoice, Receipt, Delivery Notes (Hebrew and English) includes advanced design functionality
  • Additional Forms: PO, Payment Deposit
  • Unified Format
  • Exchange Rates Integration with Bank of Israel
  • Payment Formats: EFT, Wire (includes letter to the bank and letter to the vendor), Check (in Hebrew)
  • Integration with SHAAM
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Bank Statements Import
  • Fixed Assets Reports: Form 11, Deduction for depreciation and capital gain
  • Salary File Import
  • Ability to Send mass documents by e-mail: Invoices, Vendor Wire Letter

NetCloud’s Israeli Localization Bundle is designed to maximize the NETSUITE solution and tailor it to the local Israeli market, ensuring full compliance with Israeli tax regulations.

  Main Business Scenarios:

  • Create a vendor
  • Recording a vendor Bill
  • Recording a vendor Bill payments
  • Create a customer
  • Recording a customer Bill
  • Create a customer Bill (draft or original)
  • Recording a customer payments
  • Israeli Localization reports

NetSuite Localization Bundle for Israel in the NETSIUITE-SUITEAPP.COM