No More Chasing Outstanding Debts – Simple, automated dunning
workflow for fast, effective Account Receivables collection
When overdue receivables are just packing up

Turning your company’s revenues into cashflow relies heavily on ensuring your customers’ full and timely payment of their invoices. Only a tightly orchestrated, automatic dunning process allows you to decrease your Account Receivables overload, avoid outstanding customer debts, save

valuable time and resources, and ultimately ensure a timely, seamless payments collection

Tailor NETSUITE’s dunning solution to your company collection strategy
with NetCloud’s simplified, easy-to-use dunning module:

  • Reduce risk of outstanding customer debts
  • Improve customer relations
  • Improve payment speed
  • Easily track overdue receivables
  • Adjust collection process to company’s policies
  • Save valuable time and resources
  • Implement quickly and seamlessly
  • Additional email recipients’ options

Automatic reminders to customers based on tailored email templates and invoice due date

  • Gradual escalation settings
  • Account balances based on aging bucket definitions
  • Easy drill down to any customer’s dunning or email log
  • Flexible “do not dun” option per customer or specific invoices
  • Additional email recipients’ options