Seamless. Smart. Automated.

Shorter purchase process with one seamless, automated workflow Delayed purchase approvals and inefficient procurement work process have an immediate and long-lasting effect on the continuous business workflow and results. Lack of automation, control, visibility, flexible approval policies are a fast track to budget overruns. The solution has to be a fast, transparent, and seamless procurement process for an efficient, flourishing business workflow

Simplifying Procurement

NETSUITE’s procurement solution makes your purchasing process smart, automated, and simple, so you could save on costs,

reduce employee-time, and improve real-time visibility into company spend and vendor performance

Tailoring World-Class Procurement Efficiency to Your Organization

The procurement solution has to be a fast, transparent, and seamless purchase process for an efficient, flourishing business workflow

Presenting new ways to reduce time and costs

  • Expedited approval rounds with new automated approval features
  • email access to approve or reject processes with no need of NETSUITE license
  • Improved access and visibility of all authorized parties into approval process
  • Allows tighter budgetary control and reduced deviations thanks to proprietary tolerance features
  • Faster, transparent vendor management

NetCloud’s Advanced Procure to pay Exclusive Features:

  • Email approval: allow approvals who do not have a NetSuite user account to access purchase orders
  • Advanced approval chains: Enables the user to define smarter approval chains according to specific approval combinations or hierarchy
  • Vendor bill built-in receiver approval:  Enables quick approval, allows issuing the invoice and email notification once service approval is required.
  • Vendor online application: Forget faxes and endless phone calls, get vendor’s details using online form and it will automatically be sent to the system
  • Delegation approval: Allows to set a temporary substitute in the system for a set period to avoid unnecessary delays in purchases
  • Vendor Bill PO tolerance: The approver defined in the system can either allow or reject the deviation of the bill, by percentage or by sum.